Disposal Inc.
   "We can get you signed up in under 5 minutes with just your name, address and phone number!"

  • No fuel fees ever!
  • No hidden fees!
  • No payment required up front to get started!
       After we have received your call and set up a pick-up date we will mail you your payment information. You will receive a post card to keep for your records. It lists your level of service, price, and account number.  We will start your service immediately but will take no more than 2 cans of rubbish before we have received your first payment. Your first payment will cover your first 2 months of service, after that monthly payments will be due. All payments are due the 1st of the month and after the 15th will be considered late. After the 15th a $1.00 fee will be added.


How do I make my payment?
A. Payment can be made by check or money order, through your personal bill pay or with credit card.  Credit card payments can be made here on our web page.  A $2.00 convenience fee will be added.  Should you wish to make a payment that does not have an option button please feel free to give us a call.  Please do not place payment with rubbish. Do not put payment in our personal mail box, please use our drop box.

Q. Do I have to put my trash in a can?
A. No, one 30 gallon trash bag or three 13 gallon bags are the same as a can.

Q.  What time should I put my rubbish out for pick up?
A.  Please have rubbish at curb by 4:00 am to guarantee pick up.

Q. Do I own my 95 gallon cart that I receive from Conrad's Disposal?
A. No, you are leasing the cart.

Q.When will I receive my 95 gallon cart?
A. We will send you a card that needs to be signed and returned with your first 2 months payment before we will deliver your cart. In the mean time we will still start your service  picking up only a maximum of 2 cans of rubbish.

Q. Can I pay more than one month at a time?
A. Yes, you can pay as far in advance as you like.  There is a discount for paying 6 months or a year in advance.  The following chart reflects these charges.
                               Monthly           3 Months            6 Months             12 Months
        1 Can               $16.00             $48.00                $93.00                 $186.00
        2 Cans             $18.00              $54.00               $105.00               $210.00
        3 Cans             $19.00              $57.00               $111.00                $222.00
     4-6 Cans             $21.00              $63.00               $123.00                $246.00
        1 Cart              $22.50              $67.50               $132.00                $264.00
        2 Carts             $27.50             $82.50                $162.00                $324.00             

Q. How does a holiday affect my service?
A. Holidays that fall on Monday- Friday, on or before your scheduled pick-up day, will delay service for that week only by 1 day. (See Home page for holiday list)

Q. Can I share service with my neighbor?
A. No, our policy is one household per account.

Q. What can't I throw away?
A. We cannot take, tires, liquid paint, or chemicals. Call us about how to throw away TV's and computer's.

Why aren't they dumping my recycle cart?
A.  Your recycle cart is for recyclables not trash.  
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